Freebie Alerts: Free Stuff App

Freebie Alerts: Free Stuff App

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Free Stuff Alerts
Receive a notification each time your neighbor post Free Stuff on Nextdoor, Letgo, OfferUp and TrashNothing!
Be the first to claim that freebie for you!

Each day people give away things that they don't longer need, most of them are in really great condition, some things don't fit the new place, some just to make space, some things because people move away and can't take those things with them.


1. Install the app.
2. You are ready to receive FREE ITEMS!
That's all, Simple. Smart. Easy.


• Nextdoor
• Letgo
• OfferUp
• TrashNothing
• Freebie Alerts

Free Stuff Alerts will send you an alert notification each time your neighbor give away something, click the notification and if it's something that you need, you just contact that person and pick the freebie up! Make it yours first!.

• Tired of seeing "23 interested" people on a free thing that you would love to have?
• Tired of enter every single minute to check if theres is something new in the Free Stuff section on OfferUp?
• Tired of "First come, First serve" and when you appeared to that location the free stuff you wanted is gone, because someone took it first? Lucky b....rd!
• Tired of the red "Sold" on something that you were asking but someone claim it first? Yeah, that is sad.

Try Free Stuff Alerts for FREE

You will be receiving notifications in your phone in real time at the instance that your neighbor just post some free stuff!

This app does not have any kind of business nor commercial relationship with (Ambatana Holdings B.V.), OfferUp, Inc and, This is a third party app.
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